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The law firm of Shmuel Klein & Co. - one of the leading law firms in Israel, was establish two decades ago by Shmuel klein after retiring from the tax authorities which served as head of Investigations section of Customs and VAT division.

The firm specializes in a wide range of legal services in the field of tax law and provides professional legal services and representation of the first order, both in criminal and civil, for individuals and companies.

The firm is one of the leading and recognized in his field and is known among the various tax authorities and the lawyers in the field as a professional and reliable boutique law firm that provides personal attention to its clients and offering original and practical solutions.

שמואל קליין

The firm emphasizes on reliability, professionalism, authenticity, confidentiality and creativity. Individually tailored to the specific client and the tax issue in his case, with an aim to reach the best outcome as quickly as possible.

Shmuel Klein & Co. attaches supreme importance for the customer and his needs. Optimal solution to the customer is achieved only after examining the characteristics of the client, his business activities, needs and demands, with an emphasis on practicality of the solution and the implications of the client, including reaching various agreements with tax authorities, if necessary.

The firm specializes in a wide range of legal services in the field of tax law, including: value-added tax (VAT), income tax, customs, excise tax, sales tax, real-estate taxes, tax fraud, financial crimes, white collar crime, money laundering, tax planning and transaction advisory services, Pre - Rolling, commercial Law, Real Estate transactions in Israel and abroad.

The law firm set to give an immediate response to each client and represent him at every stage From the early stages of investigation, search and concepts, through the process of arrest and release on bail, as well as process hearing and management full criminal process.

The firm also specializes in all phases of civil procedure including the procedure banned, representation and full support from the audit stage been escorted through the assessment and appeal procedures to the tax authorities and the relevant courts.

שמואל קליין

Attorney Shmuel Klein completed his law studies at the Tel - Aviv University and was ordained a member of the Bar in 1991. In addition Adv. Shmuel Klein Served and currently serves on various committees of the Bar Association in taxes and in the criminal.

Shmuel Klein & Co.

Levinstein Tower, 13th floor

23 Menachem begin Rd
Tel Aviv-Yafo 66183 Israel

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